Here are a few of the clients I’ve worked with:

Dr._Andres_Jimenez   Dr. Andrés Jimenez, Founder & CEO, ImplementHIT

“Michael is an incredible writer! He can work independently through any subject matter to distill clear and concise messaging. As a copywriter, he has helped us with a white paper, a core message platform, and enhancing our website. As a consultant, he has gone above and beyond, suggesting ways to strengthen our marketing materials… to generate leads, nurture prospects, and convert clients. We highly recommend Michael and his work.”

thomas-garrod-smaller   Thomas Garrod, Founder, KeelWorks Foundation

“Michael is a creative instructional designer with a quick grasp of new ideas and concepts… and a sure ability for clear and concise expression. Even after leaving Intel, I still turn to him for collaborative support. For a fair understanding of his creative worth, ask Michael about his innovative ideas for teaching music theory and language.”